MUVE (Museum of Ventriloquial Objects) Reconfiguring Voice Agency

in the Liminality between the Verbal and the Vocal. Phd Thesis, UCL, 2011.

The PhD thesis is structured as an imaginary museum (MUVE) introduced by

a fictional tale that articulate metaphorically a number of concerns to do

with the intertwined nature of politics and phenomena that pertains

the voice. MUVE is of cylindrical shape and its first floor rotates like a clock.

it contains ventriloquial objects, or artefact where the voice operates with

a subversive nature.


MUVE (Museum of Ventriloquial Objects) A Writing Architecture for Listening.

(2009) UCL/Bartlett Publications.

Voicings: a Ventriloquial Strategy to Politicise the Space Between Speaker

and the Scripted Utterance. The New Soundtrack 2.1 (2012): 51-62,

Edinburgh University Press.

Additional publications include a number of features and reviews

on independent film and the visual arts. These include regular contributions

to Filmwaves/Art in Sight, COIL and Make.