VOICINGS (radio)

In this commission by Radio Papesse the methodology is applied to enable a socio-linguistic exploration

of the economic migration of S.Croce, an Italian village on the outskirts of Florence.

In this area more than half of the children currently born are foreign, such large immigration is justified by the lasting presence of the tannery industry. Economic migrants are employed in this industry because the factories require hard labour in less than ideal conditions with high temperature and heavy handling.   

Voicings uses field research and testimonies written by immigrants, whose texts are performed through the vocal experimentations of professional actors who grapple with errors or new linguistic constructions at times highly poetic, penned by the immigrants. 

The outocme is a 30-minute continuous radio piece that weaves vocalisations and testimonies in a continuous narrative.  Language, context and form generate a considerably different experience from that of Voicings UK, a video work whose content was provided by refugees in London addressing integration.

Nuovi Paesaggi, Radio Papesse, Villa Romana, Florence.