Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, 2015

The category of citizenship is not fixed: it is a social construct that evolves in response to political and ideological shifts. What happens when fixed linguistic formulas framing the process of becoming a citizen interact with individuals? Can we bring a contradiction to the foreground using the official formula?

These are some of the questions addressed by an ongoing collaborative project called The Little Book of Answers/The Citizand.

The collaboration involves institutions, professionals in alternative disciplines and the public.

The launch of the project materialised as a one-day of participatory performanaces made for the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in July 2015.

The  Little Book of Answers is compiled using the answers to the UK citizenship test. Part textual analysis part dada poetry, the book becomes a device to interrogate the UK ‘naturalisation’ process.  The public takes part in kinetic memorization and British pronunciation workshops as well as expressing themselves using the book during an open mic session.  The audience feedback on the correct ‘questions to the answers’ at the info desk (@citizenlba) and experience a sound installation roaming through the gallery.  To view a short video of the project launch made by the Sociology Department at Manchester University, click here.

The iteration of The Little Book of Answers that followed in 2016 was realised in collaboration with Manchester University and Manchester Central Library. Bridget Byrne, author of Making Citizens (2014), and myself created an event for the Library.  Click here to view some details.